Bea Paxson


Communications/Editorial/Marketing/Website Manager


Bea is a realtor at Berkshire Hathaway Montana Properties, founded the United States Women's Paintball Team, and is the owner and a rostered athlete for Team Destiny Paintball. She travels internationally because of her involvement in the world of paintball and has won numerous championships, including the 2018 International Women's Paintball Classic held in Panama City, Panama.  Since 2001, she's been with her husband, former professional paintballer (for the Los Angeles Ironmen and most recently for Chicago Aftershock), Mike Paxson, who is also a Montana Fishing Guide here in the Bitterroot. They have two beautiful daughters together, ages 9 and 5. Bea also sings in a Hamilton church choir and has performed in a couple Hamilton Players Community Theater shows within the 2018 year.

She shared, "The Bitterroot Valley Community has an enormous amount of talented individuals full of inspiration to give, motivation to share, and the desire to be the best possible humans they can be, especially how it applies to our local area. I love being a resident of the beautiful Bitterroot Valley and want to do anything I can to make this the best place to live."

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